Adam Kimble Tahoe Rim Trail FKT

He did it! Adam beat Kilian Jornet’s 11-y-o FKT by over an hour! (plus the TRT is ~6 miles longer now)”

thigh time

Last weekend I ran the Elder Creek 50-Mile race on private reservation lands owned by the Cahuilla Band of Cahuilla Indians.  I had been planning to run the Sean O’Brien 50-Mile race a week later, but like many races throughout the past year, it was canceled.  Just like running an ultramarathon, though, you have to […]

The Tahoe Rim Trail Supported FKT: Second Time’s the Charm

  As I stood at the Tahoe City transit center waiting for the final minutes to tick down before 6am arrived on Friday, July 17th, I thought about how I felt the weekend prior. My friend Logan was attempting to break the same record just a week before me, and as I was out pacing […]

Running During “Rona”

These are wild times.  I had a conversation with my wife earlier this week where we talked about how the recent days feel a lot like a weird version of a “snow day.”  If you’re not from a place that gets snow, you’ve likely never had school canceled because of it.  Growing up near Chicago, […]

The Tarawera “Miler”

When I started planning my 2020 race season, I was interested in adding an international race somewhere I had never raced before.  I enjoy racing internationally to experience new trails and cultures all over the world, so I started looking around for options.  My wife (Karen) and I have been fortunate to travel quite a […]


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