karen2Karen Kimble

Karen is Adam’s wife and self-proclaimed ‘wifeager.’ Her job is to keep the machine (Adam) running at all times and will surely create more spreadsheets than  you ever thought possible. When she isn’t chasing her husband across the globe,  Karen is playing with their chocolate Labrador, Sofi, making amateur GoPro videos, running reasonable distances, or listening to music.


Nuberns and KimblesAdam & Lindsey Nubern

Adam N. will use his accounting skills to count the number of bananas demolished and whole jars of peanut butter plowed through in one sitting. Lindsey is on top of the spontaneous dance parties and uploading bearded selfies. They also plan to make sure Adam’s shoes are double knotted and every hair is waxed and in place before he walks out that camper van door. He can’t jog across America looking like Forrest Gump! (…or can he?)

Adam and Lindsey are so pumped to be cheering Adam on every mile of the way and supporting his mission of showing the world that anything is possible with faith. For a different perspective of Adam Kimble’s journey, check out our blog as we travel with these guys at


10329793_10102537531578400_5509875642681369199_oJosh Mohr

Sweating, swearing and scenery are some of the guaranteed memories that Josh looks forward to as a crew member of the GWR attempt. Josh is a close friend and fellow ultrarunner, as well as a famed member of the #KimbleMohrVacation series.  He will be using his past experiences crewing Adam as well as his deep repertoire of terrible jokes to help keep the team moving east.

When not crewing or being in the outdoors, Josh works as an Event Director for Red Frog Events and a response team member with the international disaster relief organization, Shelterbox.


IMG_3778Clayton Dorge

Clayton hails from the fine state of Missouri and is always ready for an adventure involving 2 feet or 2 wheels.  When Adam presented his GWR attempt, Clayton couldn’t pass up being a part of forcing Adam Eastbound (but not Down).  Clayton is looking forward to driving and living in a moving house, learning to run while sleeping and eating, and of course witnessing the beautiful US of A from sea to shining sea.

Most times Clayton is panting to keep up with Adam or daydreaming about running single-track in the mountains; often simultaneously.  When Clayton is not organizing impromptu run clubs through Chicago or competing for Imerman Angels (a one-on-one cancer support organization), he is a Warrior Dash Event Director at Red Frog Events. #HelmetsUp.